Alan Waite


After a severe hamstring injury left him barely able to walk for months and unable to partake in any of the activities he loved, he found himself attending his first ashtanga class in a desperate effort to find a method that would better assist his rehabilitation. 


That was 18 years ago and after practicing the Ashtanga yoga sequences from a David Swensen practice manual, he completed his teacher training with Maria Taylor in St Francis Bay and in the years that followed, had the privilege of training with teachers Danny Paradise, Seane Corn and Patrick Creelman. But it was more the teachings of Ashtanga yoga teacher Shimon Ben Avi and fellow teacher and friend, Jim Harrington, that made the most impact. 


To be able to share and facilitate the knowledge gained from these teachers, is something he is deeply grateful for. 


In his classes, he keeps a balance of flexibility and strength, with a strong connection to breathe, laced with an element of fun, but always providing a foundation for a safe and effective practice. 


His own personal experience of injuries has allowed him the knowledge and empathy to assist others with their own rehabilitation. 


Simone Jacobs


Simone is a qualified adult, prenatal and children's yoga teacher.

She completed her Children's Yoga Training in Cape Town, in 2015 and has been teaching Children's yoga since. 


She then did her Adult Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. This course was built upon the Akanda Shakti method, which is a fusion of  traditional ancient teachings and awakening the divine feminine. 


Following this passion for empowering women, she completed her prenatal yoga teacher training. The training was done through Womben Wellness, in the womb of the Jungle in Costa Rica.

Simone is one of the owners of "The Kindred Kitchen" next door. She spends her mornings there and then teaches the Children's and Teen Yoga Classes at the studio in the afternoon. 

Being a qualified school teacher, Simone is incredibly passionate about nurturing the minds, bodies and spirits of youngsters in an environment that is non-competitive and sacred. 

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"